Friday, November 16, 2012

[2 Day] The technical conference in the afternoon

After lunch time, the  conference was continually headed. There were 4 sessions by topics in the afternoon - the tpics are "HSE & Regulatios, QRA&M", "OSV & High Preformance Steel for Oil and Gas Industries", Station Keeping" and "Equipment".

Donghoon Han, Lloyd's Register, spke about recent risk management and case studies.

Then, presenters were well described while utilizing video clips, such as testing demonstrations during their terms. As long as participants attended this session, they were able to listen to presentations about risk managemnet, offshore projects in West Africa, like Angola, Nigeria and congo as well as waterization fetures for Arctic offshore projects.

Meanwhile, in the other place, 3 speakers made their presentation in accordance with the topic of the session under the chairperson's supervisoin. Many people seemed to agree that every presentation was highly informative and excellent.

As both finished, participants enjoyed coffee break with coffee and refreshment for 20 munites.

After that, as the last sessions evenly, "Station Keeping" and "Equipment" were crucially handled simultaneously. As you may know, various issues, such as LNG-FPSO, Dynamic Positioning(DP) and Fuel saving DPS were presented excellently.


For the last time of those sessions, the Offshore Korea Conference 2012 came to and end.

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