Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It browses the offshore exhibition

During the technical conference, the exhibition was also being progressed in the same building. As many corporations, such as Samsung, Hyundai and STX, in the offshore plant industry participated in the event, its scale was absolutely gigantic.

While a large number of visitors looked around the exhibition hall, some business people were discussing their businesses one another. That is to say, it showed this event was for businesses and cooperations between shipbuildidng and offshore plant companies.

What's more, some university students who specialize in relevant subjects visited the Offshsore Korea 2012. It is true that participating it was a good opportunity to experience real business matters and touch base key people in the business sector.

On top of that, various components and replicas were displayed everwhere in the place. In particular, the offshore plant facilities and  components were copied delicately.

As well as the technical conference, the exhibition was a very informative and useful event to understand the global mainstream and many companies' projcts, etc.

Friday, November 16, 2012

[2 Day] The technical conference in the afternoon

After lunch time, the  conference was continually headed. There were 4 sessions by topics in the afternoon - the tpics are "HSE & Regulatios, QRA&M", "OSV & High Preformance Steel for Oil and Gas Industries", Station Keeping" and "Equipment".

Donghoon Han, Lloyd's Register, spke about recent risk management and case studies.

Then, presenters were well described while utilizing video clips, such as testing demonstrations during their terms. As long as participants attended this session, they were able to listen to presentations about risk managemnet, offshore projects in West Africa, like Angola, Nigeria and congo as well as waterization fetures for Arctic offshore projects.

Meanwhile, in the other place, 3 speakers made their presentation in accordance with the topic of the session under the chairperson's supervisoin. Many people seemed to agree that every presentation was highly informative and excellent.

As both finished, participants enjoyed coffee break with coffee and refreshment for 20 munites.

After that, as the last sessions evenly, "Station Keeping" and "Equipment" were crucially handled simultaneously. As you may know, various issues, such as LNG-FPSO, Dynamic Positioning(DP) and Fuel saving DPS were presented excellently.


For the last time of those sessions, the Offshore Korea Conference 2012 came to and end.

[2 Day] The Offshore Korea Technical Conference 2012

The Offshore Korea 2012 was still continued attending a lot of people in the second day. In this day, it was begun 1 hour earlier than in the previous day because there were more conference sessions; totally 6 sessions was going to be headed.

Starting from the Keynote Talk whose theme was "Advances in Offshore Plant Technology", the conference was progressed in earnest. The chariperson introduced main current projects in many nations in his speech.

Immediately after finishing it, the panel discussion was connected on the same topic. 5 panels talked over the offshore plant technology and the recent trend, etc. According to the panel discussion, the growth in the global market is mainly led by non-OECD nations far more than OECD nations. As mentioned in the previous post, China's growth is especially more outstanding than the other ones.


Apart from that, some issues concerning gas, such as the oulook of the LNG market, deepwater minning and modelling change for offshore industry, were repsented in the first session following the panel discussion. In particular, the expression named "the golden age of gas" was highly impressive in the presentation one of panels made.
In the meantime, the drilling rig session was being progressed. Several speakers made their presentations about offshore drilling challenges and solutions, global trends, etc.

As  those sessions were over, the schedule in the morning was finalized. Then lunch time was given for 80 minutes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[1 Day] The technical conference

After lunch time, the technical conference started in earnest in several rooms. There were 4 sessions - Subsea Technology, FPSO, Wind Turbine and FLNG. In each session, speakers made their presentations in front of other participants. Each speakers equally had 20 minutes for their presentations.


In the Subsea Technology session, "Subsea Deepwater Market", "Subsea System Reality and Risk Management",  "Flow Assurance" and other different issues were presented. Meanwhile, many audiences in the offshore industry atteded and listened to the presentations carefully.

Simultaneously, in the other room, the FPSO session was being progressed under KiyoungYoon from Hyundai Heavy Industries Co,. Ltd and Michael Myung-sup Lee from Cytroniq as chairpersons. In this session, various technical issues in line with FPSO were handled.

Following both the sessions, the coffee break was given  for 20 minutes . After that, other sessions, Wind Turbine and FLNG, were headed.

When it comes to the Wind Turbine session, wind farm projects and relevant case studies were introduced. As an illustration, Hark-jin Eum, the first presenter from Korean Register, introduced the current situation of wind farm development in Korea. According to him, most wind farms in Korea locate in Jeju and mountainous areas in the eastern cost.


In another one, the offshore wind farm projects in Germany was well-presented by German speaker. According to his presentation, rough weather is a key factor at sea work.


Apart from that, floating offshore wind farm was mentioned with various case studies.

In the meantime, in the other session, FLNG was treated as the main theme. Entirely, 3 speakers presented their businesses, challenges, new technologies and etc. It was good opportunities to know the FLNG sector practically.



After all the presentations in both sessions, today's schedule was finished.

[1 Day] The offshore Korea 2012 wes greatly held.

The Offshore Korea 2012 was magnificently held in BEXCO Busan today. Many people acting in the offshore plant industry  all around the world has visited the event venue to participate. The technical conference and the exhibition are simultaneously opening. In this post, chiefly, I am going to convey the news about the conference vividly.

At 10:00 A.M, it has been begun at the time of the opening address of Jongbong Park, who is the chariman of the program committee. He welcomed every participant who attend the Offshore Korea 2012 all the way in his address.


Also, he mentioned theglbal offshore industry and the position and the activities of Hyundai Heavy Industries Co,. Ltd because he is actually an executive of the shipbuilding company. At last, he officially declared the Offshore Korea 2012.


After the opening address, the welcome speech and congratulatory speech were repectively started. Following those ones, John Westwood, the chairman of Douglas Westwood, made a keynote address with the title of "Global Offshore Prospects".

In the beginning of his keynote address, he introduced his company to audience and mainly made a presentation about the emerging offshore industry in the global market. The key agenda was largely "Oil & Gas Supply & Demand", "Offshore Sector Forecast" and "Implication for Asia Pacific".

In brief, Asia, particularly, Chana has a huge oil demand, so, the prospect of the offshore industry has a good future  to be promoted as long as shipbuilding and offshore companies aggresively act in this business sector.


As soon as his keynote speech finished, th panel discussion was begun on the same spot. John Westwood became a chairperson in the discussion. On top of that, there were 5 panels to discuss the various issues. each one made their presentations for 7minutes after being introdued to audiences.After  the presentations and the discussion finished, some of the audiences were able to have their chances to question to panels for a short time.



Eventually, the morning schedule was finalised by the fact that the panel discussion had been over 1 hour later.

Monday, November 12, 2012

[EVENT] Flow Assurance Symposium

In this post, I’m going to introduce the Flow Assurance Symposium, which is one of the events held during the Offshore Korea 2012.


As you can see below, the outline of the event was described include date, venue and the like. Thus, if you’re interested, please check it out.



When it comes to the programs, many different topics are supposed to be handled by speakers in their presentations. There is a time table below for the visitors who attend the symposium. What’s more, you’ll be able to register it before beginning from 13:00 until 13:50 on-site.


What is BEXCO?

As you may know, the Offshore Korea 2012 is held in BEXCO in Busan. Tell you what, do you know what it is? Today, in this post, I’d love to introduce BEXCO to you.

BEXCO was opened in 2001 with the aim of globalization, industrialization and informatization in Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do, which locate in the southeast of Korea. Its building is consisted 4floors from B1 to 3F and largely divided an exhibition hall, a convention hall, a multi-purpose auditorium and subsidiary facilities.

In particular, approximately 1,800 booths can be installed in the exhibition hall and the exhibition spaces can be readjusted according to clients’ requests. In addition, the outdoor exhibition hall is optimum for the large-scale events. In the meantime, it is used for various performances and events.

After opening, it was utilized as the spaces of the 2002 Korea – Japan World Cup group drawing and the press center during the 2002 Busan Asian Games. Apart from that, various global events, like 2005 APEC Summit and 2003 ICCA annual convention, are annually held.

On top of that, from 14th to 16th, the Offshore Korea 2012 is also supposed to be held in BEXCO. If you want more information about BEXCO, please visit the website. (http://www.bexco.co.kr/english/main/main.jsp)