Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[1 Day] The technical conference

After lunch time, the technical conference started in earnest in several rooms. There were 4 sessions - Subsea Technology, FPSO, Wind Turbine and FLNG. In each session, speakers made their presentations in front of other participants. Each speakers equally had 20 minutes for their presentations.


In the Subsea Technology session, "Subsea Deepwater Market", "Subsea System Reality and Risk Management",  "Flow Assurance" and other different issues were presented. Meanwhile, many audiences in the offshore industry atteded and listened to the presentations carefully.

Simultaneously, in the other room, the FPSO session was being progressed under KiyoungYoon from Hyundai Heavy Industries Co,. Ltd and Michael Myung-sup Lee from Cytroniq as chairpersons. In this session, various technical issues in line with FPSO were handled.

Following both the sessions, the coffee break was given  for 20 minutes . After that, other sessions, Wind Turbine and FLNG, were headed.

When it comes to the Wind Turbine session, wind farm projects and relevant case studies were introduced. As an illustration, Hark-jin Eum, the first presenter from Korean Register, introduced the current situation of wind farm development in Korea. According to him, most wind farms in Korea locate in Jeju and mountainous areas in the eastern cost.


In another one, the offshore wind farm projects in Germany was well-presented by German speaker. According to his presentation, rough weather is a key factor at sea work.


Apart from that, floating offshore wind farm was mentioned with various case studies.

In the meantime, in the other session, FLNG was treated as the main theme. Entirely, 3 speakers presented their businesses, challenges, new technologies and etc. It was good opportunities to know the FLNG sector practically.



After all the presentations in both sessions, today's schedule was finished.

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