Thursday, October 18, 2012

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Korean Gas Corporation was founded by the Korean government in 1983. It imports LNG from  other nations and supplies it to power generation plants, gas utility companies and city gas businesses. This company also produces and provides natural gas, purifies and sells gas-related by-products, builds and operate production facilities and distribution network, and explores, imports and exports natural gas for both domestic and global markets.


KNOC is an abbreviation of Korea National Oil Corporation, founded in 1979. This company progresses Exploration & Production(E&P) businesses, construction projects, drillship projects and the like.

Daewoo International Corporation

The major businesses are global trading, resource development in other countries, both domestic and international investments in business, overseas projects.


Korean Register of Shipping has promoted safe ships and clean oceans by continually developing technology and human resources pertaining to shipping, shipbuilding and other industrial services, as a not-for-profit ship classification society.


Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology serves businesses below.

- Education and training of personnel engaged in maritime, fisheries and its relative sectors

- Services promoting an international exchange of technology related to maritime affairs and fisheries

- Services for the execution of maritime license examinations entrusted by the government

- Supporting services to the government on the performance of seafarers policy

- Research and development studies on shipping, port operation and fisheries

- Education and Training of Personnel Engaged in Offshore Facilities


Korea Industrial Complex Corporation is an industrial complex management and supervision agency that was established in 1964 following integrating five regional industrial complex management companies.


Busan Economic Promotion Agency is responsible for financial support, marketing support,  economic trend research and other businesses for small and medium companies and retailers in Busan.


Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute has led to top-class marine equipment technology,  having businesses in R&D, infrastructure , etc.


The Korean Society of Marine Engineering contributed to change the marine equipment industry into the export-led industry. Now, to improve marine technology, this organization has various businesses, like consultant services, opening seminars and lectures, etc.


Korea Marketing & Retailing Consulting Co., Ltd. provides many organizations, companies for systematic consulting solutions in management strategy, marketing, distribution and real estates, etc.

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